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15 August 2016. Web-site for shopping center «GRAD»

Task: develop web-site for shopping-entertainment center «GRAD»


Solution: we develop bright, stylish web-site. Describe what goods it’s possible to buy here and where to find them. Inform visitors about special offers, show, that they can not only make purchases, but also have a rest for the whole family. Help renters to learn the information, make a reservation for some shop.

On the first screen «GRAD» is shown

in the form of bright and stylish photos

Introducing user with the shopping center. With the help of short facts we tell about «GRAD»

Beneficial special offers attract visitors

There is catalog mention on the main page. Right there it’s possible to find preferable item

If somebody is interested in not just making purchases, we offer to look through entertainments for adults and children


On the map it’s highlited not only shopping center, but also objects near, for better orientation. There are also showed ways of entry by auto and by bus

Special web-page about entertainments for kids and adults. Inform how people can have a rest with the whole family

We use the same way like on the main page. Photos describe everything better than text

There are bright photos and short facts about entertainments in COSMO again

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