increase your sales by 60% and more?

Pay-per-click Ads

Do you know how can pay-per-click ads

Digital advertising is one of the most successful marketing strategies

Digital advertising refers to any advertising that takes place online. Digital advertising includes promotional advertisements and messages delivered through social media websites, online advertising on search engines, banner ads on mobile or web sites and affiliates programs.

Eventually, digital advertising marketing is good for everyone

It’s good for users

It means that people really don’t mind seeing ads, giving that the products and services advertised actually fit their needs. As we use search engines or social media when we’re looking for products and services, the results, including the ads, are generally highly relevant to what we’re looking for.

It’s good for advertisers

Advertisers are offered a unique means of putting their message in front of an audience who is actively and specifically seeking out their product. Because searchers reveal their intent through their search query, advertisers are able to measure the quality of traffic that results from search engine clicks.


How many users choose your competitors

on the first page in Google Search?


Everyday millions of people search for products or services on Google. 69,6% of people click on the first four links in Google Search. Get above your competitors on search engine results pages and get your potential clients!


1st position — 32,5%

2nd position — 17,6%

3rd position — 11,4%

4th position — 8,1%

To outrank your competitors we will place your advertisement in the first, second, third or fourth position.


69,6% of clicks go to the top 4 results

This statistics are based on information: Online Advertising Network «Chitika»

Use Mobile Ads

Millions of people use their phones for surfing

on the Internet. Show them your mobile-friendly ads and get potential clients!


User can make a call from your ad

Use location bid adjustments to reach

people nearby



* According to a research, 63% of global

   digital ad spend will go to mobile by 2018

Show your ads in Google Display Network

Choose your target audience and show relevant ads to the people who are already interested in your products or services!

We create ads

Choose your target oudience

Show your ads

Use remarketing

If your potential clients have not

finished purchasing on your web-site, return them by showing ads

with products or services which

they were interested in!

Be in Gmail

Inform your clients about existing discounts and sales!

Attract new clients by the targeting on keywords from their letters!

Place your ads in Youtube

People will see your ads

during the video or on the pages with videos, connected with your products or services.

Be at the first place in Youtube search.


Get all statistics

We don't hide from you any reports.

24/7 you have full access to your

personal account where you can see

results of your ads campaigns.


By the way, every week/month we

provide you illustrated reports

with graphics and diagramms

showing comparative statistics

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective promotion tool


Pay-per-click target people when they most likely need your product.

Payment per click is only when a user clicks on your ad.

We help you choosing the right vital tools that will make your business more successful.

Our marketers have Google Adwords' certificates. It means that they have passed exams and have necessary knowledges to work with Google Adwords.


Vera Zenkovich


Ihar Sinitsyn


Anna Bunos


8 years experience

in the sphere of the Internet-marketing. We know how to increase your company sales with the help of pay-per click ads!

Let's get acquainted!

Michael Sachek  Business Development Manager


I help to choose services according

to your  goal and to make a marketing plan

Valeria Radevich Project Manager


I work when you need to create web-site. I manage programmers and designers


Kate Pozhogo



My sphere is web-design, also I create banners for branding

in Google Display Network


Natalia Moskina



I’m responsible for saving all the documents

Olesia Samuschik  Content Manager


I accurately fill website with content  so users will be comfortable with it

Irina Rusevich

Project Promotion Specialist


I write texts, promote projects, describe your services in a simple way

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