4 August 2016. Universal template for online stores

Task: we wished to create online-store template using which owners of small and medium business will be able to start on-line trade in a short time and sell very different goods from lawn mower and tires to cosmetic and supplies for kids.


Solution: we designed and developed Shoper —  universal template for on-line stores with adaptive layout.

Template looks wonderful both on desktop and mobile and 4 color schemes suit for different  themes: cosmetics, presents, clothes, pet supplies, electronics and others. Each color scheme is bright and individual and looks like unique design.

Main page is a presentation of on-line store, it shows assortment and categories of goods: Best sellers,  Special Offers and Discounts. Users with different interests will find section most suitable to them.

Promo section with banners  invites user to look through interesting and popular products and announce special offers.

There are the most popular goods on the section of Best sellers.

Brands section is useful to users who prefer or is looking for particular brand.

Special offers section presents products on actions and attract user with good prices.

There are 3 variants of catalogue display in Shoper. Every fits to different product types. Choose one of them  that will display your goods in best way and set up it as default variant. Products are sorted by different parameters:  popularity, price, new, bestsellers, special offers.

Product cards are informative: product title, producer, testimonial amount, regular price, old and new price in case of discount, discount, product image. If product has several images they may be reviewed right on the card. When hover on card appears Add

to cart button.

To sort goods and search with parameters we provide filter system in catalogue. Various elements are designed: checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, sliders, inputs and combo boxes allow to create filters for goods with lots of different characteristics.

This page contains full product information: title, producer, price, discount, description and characteristics.

Product image block locks and is seen at the left side while scrolling description.

There  are comments on the page just after description and form for the new comment.

It helps users to evaluate product popularity and make choice with more confidence.

Shopping cart contains all information necessary to make order: products data and form to collect customer’s data.

Goods are displayed in the form of card and consist of product image, title, producer name, short description, price, amount — everything necessary to determine the order.

Order form summarize all order: number of goods, total price, amount of saved money. Form remembers entries and if in any input field, for example in delivery address, user entered several addresses, then he is able to chose one of older entries or add a new one.

On this page all personal data of user are collected: name, phone number, email and password. Here this data can be changed.

Personal discount — bright big block captures attention.

User’s last orders. All data is collected in cards: order number, order acceptance date, order state, number of goods, total price, is it paid or not, treck-code for orders sent by post.

Template is adaptive, but for providing maximum comfort for users we developed mobile version. It considers features of navigation and using site with mobile devices.

For owners of online stores is essential to keep in touch with clients and for clients is important to know what is happening with their accounts and orders. For providing connection between seller and customer we added a set of letters in Shoper: registration letter, order letter, order state change letter.

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