Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Store

Axora team improved campaign effectiveness with Amazon Attribution, reduced CPC to 0.17$, doubled traffic within budget for the fireworks store.

Initial Situation

The client was selling products on Amazon. They approached us to optimize their advertising campaigns and increase sales. For some queries, the client was at the top of the search results on the marketplace. They were promoting their products using Amazon Ads.

New Strategy

To address their challenge, we integrated advertising from external sources. Not only did this result in increased profits, but also elevated rankings on Amazon, as well as boosted the number of organic sales.

Our actions

  1. We analyzed the client's situation and launched Google Ads.
  2. We obtained access to Amazon Attribution from the client and set up tracking.
  3. We gathered the most relevant keywords with queries containing the word "Amazon".
  4. We selected relevant landing pages for the query groups.
  5. We prepared search campaigns based on the SKAG principle.
  6. Utilized all possible ad extensions.
  7. We analyzed the results.

As the number of product page views, sales, and revenue increased, so did the Best-Seller Rank. The increase in BSR led to a growth in organic sales on the marketplace. To analyze the results, we used Google Analytics, Amazon Attribution, and Google Data Studio.


The Results

Due to the non-disclosure agreement, we cannot disclose the client's sales volume, but we managed to reduce the CPC from $0.37 to $0.17 while increasing traffic volume by 5 times. The number of sales increased by approximately 50%.


  1. We tested the Amazon Attribution service. Now, the client can track traffic sources and analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  2. We evaluated the effectiveness of different ad texts, including those with the word "Amazon." As a result, we reduced the cost per click from $0.37 to $0.17 and increased the CTR. Consequently, with the same budget, the client was able to achieve twice the targeted traffic.
  3. We tested traffic acquisition from external sources on Amazon. This led to an increase in the seller's ranking and the number of sales.
  4. We now use Amazon Attribution and keywords with "Amazon" for other clients who sell on the marketplace.

The Project Team



7-year marketing leader adept in Google, Meta, TikTok, and Amazon ads. Excels in campaign strategy, precise targeting, and ROI optimization. Skilled in multi-platform management to drive business success.


PPC Specialist

4-year pro in Google Ads, Facebook, Amazon. Drives conversions, targets audiences effectively, and maximizes ROI.



Experienced account manager. Effectively manages client relationships, coordinates projects, and ensures their successful completion. Possesses a deep understanding of client needs and communication skills to achieve their goals.


Marketing Communications Specialist

Proficient in segmentation, automation, and analytics to optimize performance. Experienced in creating compelling content and delivering targeted messaging for maximum impact.

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